Tower Dungeon

When the PCs start making their way up these spiralling stairs, they will feel a rumble in the castle, possibly a loud crash. Insight DC 15 will recognize that its likely a catapult stone crashed into the castle. They will notice with a Perception DC 15 that the tower may fall in a matter of a few short years due to significant damage and shifting of the stones. When they reach the top, they will find a latched iron door, which is locked (DC 17).

Features of the Area: Very little interesting about the area. Its a large round room with chains mounted into the stones. There are scratch marks and bloods splatters on the eastern side of the room. Prince Baevaronus is against the eastern wall, chained and starved. He is barely conscious.

Lady Fernelia; Init 19; hp (whatever remains from previous fight)

A catapult will strike the wall, crashing into the room. Once there is a hole in the wall, Lady Fernelia will appear, floating outside. She will try to use her ability to pull the PCs out the collapsed hole and plummet to their deaths.

Proceed to Poor Goblins

Tower Dungeon

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