Dreadfire Castle

The Slave Camps

Marpinoth 15, 1479 DR (Dale Reckoning)

After recieving gifts from the dwarves for their bravery, the PCs head out with a small contigent to find the Slave Camps, see Session 2 – Slave Camp, Part I. They reach the networked caverns of the makeshift camp, and ambush them during the night. After the initial fight, they begin making their way through the caverns to find any slave and eradicate the slavers.

Journey from Thunderstone
Marpinoth 14, 1479 DR (Dale Reckoning)

The PCs left out from Fort Delgaude on the king’s quest with a handful of dragon knights, with Oestric. When they reached the ferry to cross the Thunderflow river, word was sent for the dwarves, informing them that Thunderholme was under attack.

The PCs, dwarves, and Dragon Knights arrived to see Thunderholme being overtaken by combined forces of goblinoids, orcs, and duergar. The PCs help force the enemies to rout, and learn their motives – capture slaves to transform into undead.


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